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An Irish Mystery

Portions of this were excerpted from Nancy’s book Discover Your Family History Online
It started at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California.
My sister and I were at the cemetery, taking photos to fulfill a request. But – […]

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Aztec Ruins National Monument

It’s taken us a few weeks to recover from our quick journey from San Diego to Mesa Verde, Colorado. We had planned on posting along the way, but life took over and . . .
Before¬†too much time passed, we wanted […]

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Planning a Weekend Getaway

It started with Vicki’s simple “Let’s drive up to Flagstaff for a weekend”. Ok, I thought. Then she said, “We’ve never been to the Ute Cultural Center in Ignacio, Colorado”. A quick look at the map assured me we could […]

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White Hall Tavern, Frontier Traveler Picture of the Day

White Hall Tavern, Harper’s Ferry, #VA.¬† Directly across from the Armory, it provided a place for eating, drinking, and discussing politics. Read More