White Hall TavernWhite Hall Tavern, Harper’s Ferry, #VA.  Directly across from the Armory, it provided a place for eating, drinking, and discussing politics.

old city cemetery

Old City Cemetery, Tallahassee, Florida. It is the oldest public burial ground in Tallahassee. It was established by the Territorial Legislature in 1829.

WhittredgeReenactor portraying Worthington Whittredge at Bent’s Fort, La Junta, Colorado.  Whittredge was a landscape painter of the Hudson River School who traveled from the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains in 1865.  While there he sketched his pictures, then returned to New York to put them to canvas.  His painting “Crossing the River Platte” hangs in the White House.

Desert Tower2Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon National Park.  Constructed in 1932, designed by architect Mary Elizabeth Colter.  Her design was influenced by ancient Puebloan culture.  The tower rises 70 feet and affords an outstanding view of the canyon.

fort miffling

Entryway to Fort Mifflin, outside Philadelphia. Called the Fort That Saved America – they withstood bombardment long enough for Washington to get his army into camp at Valley Forge. Amazing place.

By the way, if you’re flying into Philadelphia, just seconds before you land, you can see the fort out of the left side of the plane. Easy to recognize – it’s a most unusual shape – part of it looks like a star.

fort vancouver

Fort Vancouver, Washington State. It’s hard to see the beautiful building for the plant growth that’s overtaking the facade. A beautiful fort, wonderful trade room – plus they offer many interesting events throughout the year.

fort totten

Fort Totten, North Dakota. This fort was converted to an Indian School – and I have to admit, the Frontier Travelers didn’t like the energy here.